Terms & conditions


Payment Option 1: Booking Deposit

Payment Option 1 means we would require a 50% deposit to hold your date and secure your booking.  Due to your date being held the 50% deposit is non-refundable.  The remainder would need to be settled at the latest of 14 days before the day of hire.

payment Option 2: Pay In Full & Save 10%

Payment Option 2 gives you the option of saving 10% off all hired items when paying in full.  This is only available when booking 2 or more items on the same quote and does not include the delivery charge listed on the invoice.  If you later decide to cancel your booking the 50% deposit shown on your invoice would be non-refundable.  See cancellation below.

Payment Option 3: NEW - Pay Monthly

We are currently trialling a new payment option of pay monthly.  This gives you the option to pay monthly via a recurring card payment, taken on the same date each month.  There is an additional service charge of 10% with this option.  The total amount is spread over 10 months.  If a payment is declined you would be notified and the payment would be attempted again 7 days later.  If this second attempt again fails your booking would be cancelled and any deposit (up to 50%) would be non-refundable.  We do not carry out any credit checks or searches and only set up a recurring card payment for a fixed date.


We do not currently add a refundable damage deposit to our bookings except for our chair cover hire.  We have had a small number of situations when our items have become badly damaged.  This can lead to us having to cancel bookings until we can restore them back ready for hire.  In the event that an item becomes badly damaged against the terms and conditions agreed here, there will be a charge of £100.  We feel this is a fair amount for the repair of the item and potentially towards any refunds due to cancellations.

PAT Test & Public Liability

All of our electrical items and letters are PAT tested and Handmade Creations - Kent Wedding & Event Hire holds public liability insurance.  Copies of these certificates can be requested. 

Delivery & Collection

Unless otherwise agreed we always aim to deliver our 'Day Hire' items by around 10am and return to collect them at the end of the evening.  Once delivered and set up the items should NOT BE MOVED.  This is to prevent them being damaged or causing any damage.  As above, in the event that an item becomes badly damaged against the terms and conditions agreed here, there will be a charge of £100.  We feel this is a fair amount for the repair of the item and potentially towards any refunds due to cancellations. 

4ft Letter & Number Hire

All of our letters and numbers are handmade by us. They are PAT tested as required and covered by our public liability insurance. Letters are powered by 240v mains power and for this reason are for indoor use only.  They may be used outside under cover and you will need to confirm this with us before booking. Each letter uses 1w LED bulbs which remain cold to touch. The bulbs should not be removed and only replaced with spare LED bulbs provided.

The letters and numbers must be placed on a safe even surface to avoid them falling and causing injury. Once set up they must NOT BE MOVED. Children must always be supervised around the lights and must not climb on them. Handmade Creations – Kent Wedding & Event Hire is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by going against these terms and conditions.  Any damage caused will be subject to a charge. See Damages.

Sweet Cart Hire


Our Sweet Cart alone includes artificial flowers and fairy lights attached and a selection of scoops and tongs.  These must remain with the sweet cart but if requested, we can remove them before the day of hire. 

We do not produce any food items and all sweets and donuts are produced by other manufacturers. You must inform us of any allergies.  All glassware on the sweet cart must remain on the sweet cart. Children must always be supervised to avoid them selecting any sweets that may present a choking hazard.

We always aim to provide the sweets requested but in some circumstances this may not be possible. Handmade Creations – Kent Wedding & Event Hire reserve the right to provide an alternative.  


When booking you are accepting that 50% of the invoice total (the deposit required to secure your booking and shown on your invoice) will be non-refundable in the event that you cancel.  This is because we will hold and secure the date for you and turn away other bookings.  Please bear in mind that if you have decided to add additional items at a later date you may have more than one invoice.  In the event that you do cancel we will refund any money paid over the 50% shown on your invoice unless it is less than 8 weeks notice in which the entire booking becomes non-refundable.   

You can also cancel single items off of your invoice and the same rules apply as above.  This refund will be calculated from the total amount paid on the invoice - for example if paid in full (saving 10%) we will deduct 10% from the item(s) to be cancelled and 50% off this would be refunded.

If only the 50% deposit has been paid to secure your booking then you will not be entitled to a refund.  If you are looking to move your booking to a later date we will do our best to accommodate this and please contact us as soon as possible to check future availability.

Hire Of Items

All items unless otherwise stated are for hire only and remain the property of Handmade Creations – Kent Wedding & Event Hire.