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Booking Deposit

Payment Option 1 means we would require a 50% deposit to hold your date and secure your booking.  Due to your date being held the 50% deposit is non refundable.  The remainder would need to be settled at the latest of 14 days before the day of hire.

Pay In Full & Save 10%

Payment Option 2 gives you the option of saving 10% off all hired items when paying in full.  This is only available when booking 2 or more items on the same quote and does not include the delivery charge listed on the invoice.  If you later decide to cancel your booking the 50% deposit shown on your invoice would be non-refundable.

NEW - Pay Monthly

We are currently trialling a new payment option of pay monthly.  This gives you the option to pay monthly via a recurring card payment, taken on the same date each month.  There is an additional service charge of 10% with this option.  The total amount is spread over 10 months.  If a payment is declined you would be notified and the payment would be attempted again 7 days later.  If this second attempt again fails your booking would be cancelled and any deposit (up to 50%) would be non refundable.  We do not carry out any credit checks or searches and only set up a recurring card payment for a fixed date.



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Delivery & Collection